Helping Books Find Homes

We work with different organizations by selling their books on consignment and helping them raise funds.



BSNBooks was formed with the intent to restore the life of used books by placing them into new reader's hands. Instead of watching a book get recycled, we strive to keep  books circulating with the help of e-commerce. After two years of selling online professionally, we have decided to use our book selling platform online to benefit organizations that need help giving books a new home. We help libraries and other organizations sell their used books online, free of charge. What is unique about us? We split the net proceeds with the organizations we work with 50/50.




Flexible Scheduling


We work with an organization to determine the best time and location to pick up books.

Open Communication

We can be reached by email, phone call, or text message. We can also be reached on our website. 

Free of Charge


We do not charge organizations for book pick ups. 


   How it Works   

Organization must identify unwanted books, and contact a BSNBooks representative. We can be reached by email or telephone. 

We will determine which books we can accept from the organization and arrange a convenient pick up time. After pick up we handle everything else. 

We pay the organization once per month as agreed upon with a record of each book that has sold. We split the net profit 50/50

   Work With Us   


Crystal Lake, Illinois

Stephanie Garcia              Tel: 815.219.6319

Katrina Ransom                Tel: 815.701.1334