We pickup library discards for free

Our experience 

For the last two years we have built up our services to best serve libraries in our communities. We have worked with

6 public libraries in the Northern Chicago Suburbs and we are looking to expand our services for more libraries. 

We take pride in the work we do. We've received great feedback from all of the libraries we work with. 

We help libraries raise funds

When we pickup from libraries we also provide a way for them to continue raising funds remotely. The library gets paid a percentage of the net proceeds from all books we sell online each month. Payments are currently made out via paper checks and electronically.


  • How much do you charge?

We don't charge anything! It is completely free for libraries. We are able to make a living by selling some of the books we pickup in our online bookstore. 

  • Do you throw any books away?

Any book that we cannot sell online is sent off to different locations such as nursing homes, and other non profits across the mid-west. We do not throw away any books.

  • How are payments made?

We work out an agreement with each library to find the best time they would like to get paid, and we send out payments once each month. We also provide a sales form that breaks down each transaction and the net proceeds.