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Partnership Details
Benefits of working with BSN Books
Other Companies
No Minimums
BSN Books is here to help, not hinder your sales. We do not require any minimum sell through rate or any minimum number of items in our e-commerce inventory that is yours. We do not require any specific number of pick ups from your organization within a year.
Certain companies will require that you have X amount of items in their inventory with an X% sell through rate.
Free of Charge
We will not charge anything for using our services. No disposal fee’s. No reduced consignment. No pick up fee’s.
Boxes may not be provided. Fee's may occur if requirements aren't maintained.
Open Communication
Keeping the lines of communication open is important to us. We will provide you our email and phone numbers so you can contact us as needed. We do our best to answer the same day.
Large companies tend to either outsource their communication, or you have to wait for a response due to the volume they handle.
Will Not Impact Book Sales
We recognize the importance of using as many avenues as possible to raise funds. All of our consignment tiers leave room for your organization to choose the best path to raise funds, including keeping some materials for ongoing or annual book sales.
Other companies may require that you prioritize stocking your inventory with them over your own book sale.
Reduce Clutter
If your organization is overflowing with inventory, partnering with us can help reduce the space that items take up. We are experienced with both small and large pick-ups, including ongoing large clear outs to help libraries prepare for remodels. By scheduling regular pick ups with us, your organization can save storage space for the materials you guys have other uses for.
It is popular for some companies to require X number of boxes or bins.
Raise Maximum Funds
Each tier of consignment has a different consignment rate. Your organization can earn up to 50% consignment!
Some other e-commerce book and media companies pay pennies to the pound, dollars to the box, or 20% consignment if you meet all of their requirements.
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